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Vendors and Community Partners


Types of Work-Based Learning Experiences

The District encourages prospective partners to support the following work-based learning opportunities:

Provide Internships where learning objectives are specific and student learning is assessed. ...more

Linked Learning Cohort Schools

The following is a list of LAUSD Linked Learning cohort schools that are eager to form partnerships with businesses and community based organizations. Additional information can be found by clicking ...more

How to Become a School Partner

The Linked Learning Office works to match businesses with schools based on work-based learning needs.  Representatives of the business and the school agree on committment of time and effort to meet the expected needs of both parties.  Partnerships can be a one-person business involved in a classroom or a large corporation reaching out to many schools across the District.

Steps to Becoming a Partner 

1.  Contact a Work-Based Learning Coordinator in the Linked Learning Office to share that you would like to become a Linked Learning partner. Work-Based Learning Coordinators:

Robert Andrews: Email: Phone: 213 241 8785
Jordan Kornzweig Email: Phone: 213 241 0378
Frank Oceguera Email: Phone: 213 241 8642

2. Complete the Linked Learning Vendor Partnership Application and electronically submit it to  the Linked Learning Office. The Linked Learning team then works to match your business with a school.

3.  Business and school work together to agree on a work-based learning plan.

4.  Formalize a Memorandum of Understanding agreement. This is not a binding contract. 

5.  Partners review and renew the agreement at the end of each school year.

Use our Vendor Guide to Begin Your Partnership

Work-Based Learning Vendor Guide

Student Work Permit

Student Work Permit  - This link provides information for vendors to ensure compliance with California Education Code 49162 and 49163 as notification of intent to employee a minor.

Student Labor Laws and Regulations

All vendors that employ student interns must abide by all state and federal child labor laws. More information can be attained on the following website:

For more information about child labor laws, contact the U.S. Department of Labor at, and the State of California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement at

School Partnership Opportunities

The following is a list of selected LAUSD high schools looking to develop Linked Learning partnership opportunities. The schools contact information can be found by going to their attached websites.

C ...more

Current LAUSD Linked Learning Partnerships

The following are a few examples of Linked Learning partnerships currently taking place in LAUSD:

Staples Center partners with Business and Tourism Academy at Miguel Contreras Learning Center

The ...more

District Policies and Forms

The following are District policies and forms that will help to facilitate the development of partnerships between businesses, students and schools:

Fingerprinting and Criminal Background Compliance for Contractors - This bulletin provides information on all fingerprinting and criminal background compliance requirements for vendors and contractors.

School Volunteer Guidelines - This bulletin provides information to ensure that all volunteers meet the necessary requirements in order to carry out their duties.

Field Trip Handbook - This reference guide reflects policy and procedures for all Field Trips taken by school staff, students and volunteers.

Fundraising Policies - This bulletin provides information regarding Board of Education policies for school fund-raising activities.