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For educational and partnership questions, please contact:

James Dunlavey, WBL Coordinator (213) 241-0378 James.Dunlavey@lausd.net

Esther Soliman, Linked Learning Administrator  (213) 241-8754 Esther.Soliman@lausd.net 

For procurement questions, please contact:

Sybil Ward, Assistant Contract Administration Manager, Procurement Services Division           (213) 241-3594 sybil.ward@lausd.net

Make the Connection....Support Student Success

The Linked Learning Office is committed to providing and supporting learning opportunities for all students and equally committed to building and sustaining relationships for the mutual benefit of vendors and LAUSD students.  Our office offers a variety of services to LAUSD vendors that are interested in becoming a part of the Linked Learning initiative.

Linked Learning gives students exposure to rigorous academics integrated with professional experience in one of California's 15 major industry sectors such as engineering, health care, performing arts, law, and more.  Linked Learning gives students a better understanding of possible career paths and helps them develop the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed after high school.

To ensure that Linked Learning is aligned to real-world expectations, employers are critical partners with schools and districts, providing professional support for curriculum and work-based learning opportunities for students.  We need a wide range of employer partners from all different sectors to help guide and invest in California's future workforce.  One of the greatest needs is to expose California's students to a variety of professional experiences.

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Partnership Success Stories

STEM Academy of Hollywood, Bernstein Campus  -  Engineering Pathway

Raphael Calalo, 10th Grade  “My field trip to Verizon Wireless network headquarters was an experience I will never forget. I had an interesting talk with an electrical engineer about his work on establishing a network, how the process works, and the importance of teamwork. I also learned about how to get promoted in the workplace—the key is communication.”


Belmont High School  -  Multimedia Pathway

Emely Dominguez, 9th Grade  “My experience in the Summer Bridge program was more than what I expected—it was simply amazing. In those few weeks I learned how to be confident, learned how to work independently and in groups, and learned about the opportunities that I have in life. I also learned to work hard and give it all I got—and I will!”


School of Business and Tourism, MCLC

Emmanuel D. Barragan, 12th Grade  “My pathway gave me the privilege to give a speech about my experiences in the Junior Achievement program to MBA Business graduates at USC. What I learned changed my perception of education, now I want to strive for more and possibly pursue my education at USC.”

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Linked Learning Vendor Advisory Committee

The Board of Education has required that a Linked Learning Vendor Advisory Committee be formed to assist with the implementation of the Linked Learning initiative and the promotion of business and ...more

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