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School Partnership Opportunities

The following is a list of selected LAUSD high schools looking to develop Linked Learning partnership opportunities.  The schools contact information can be found by going to their attached websites.

Contact Samuel Dovlatian in the Linked Learning Office at 213-241-8744 or by email at should you have any questions or concerns: 

1.  STEM Academy @ Bernstein High School needs to enhance its advisory board. Professionals from the engineering and biomedical field are highly requested. They also are looking for after school tutors to support their students for extended learning activities. STEM Academy of Hollywood at Bernstein High School

2.  School for the Visual Arts and Humanities @ RFK needs to create an advisory board, and needs support in developing a robust industry level  visual/digital/graphic arts curriculum for project based lessons.  School of Visual Arts and Humanities at RFK Community Schools

3.  Dorsey High School's Arts and Humanities is focusing on the arts and filming career industry and needs support in developing curriculum, acquiring equipment, and professional guidance.  Arts and Humanities at Dorsey High School

4.  Dorsey High School's Business Academy needs partners for job shadow days (partners may be in any business industry).  Business and Entrepreneurialship at Dorsey High School