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Types of Work-Based Learning Experiences

The District encourages prospective partners to support the following work-based learning opportunities:

Provide Internships where learning objectives are specific and student learning is assessed.  These can be paid, unpaid, or students can be granted class credit

Career-related Student Competitions – Students can demonstrate mastery of career-related skills through presentations or competitions that are judged by professionals.  Presentations represent a culmination of student effort over time, often involving teamwork

School-based enterprise – School-based enterprises produce goods and services for sale or to be used by people other than the students involved

Social enterprises for learning – Focus on social rather than commercial activity

Service Learning – Combines academic work with service.  Students use their skills and knowledge to meet the need in a school or community

Simulated workplace experiences and enterprises – Online simulated enterprises are work-based learning activities that are set up by students

Technical mentoring – offers direct, systematic professional input to students’ actual work.  Can happen in the workplace as part of an internship or in a classroom

Work Experience – First-hand exposure to the workplace.  Is connected to the curriculum and is meant to extend students’